Make and deploy serverless backends without coding

Busywork allows anyone to make production-ready and scalable backends with our fully-managed no-code platform.

No-code is as Simple as Connecting Dots

If you can connect the dots, you can make anything with Busywork. Visual coding is the language of our no-code platform. We don't believe that everyone should be programmers, but that anyone can become a maker. Our drag and drop application builder lets you code visually. We enable front-end developers and designers to create products and services with ease - all without writing a single line of code.

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Building Applications 101
Building by connecting boxes.

Serverless Development To Production In Hours, Not Months

Our powerful drag and drop builder lets you and your team build backends and core services with ease. You can make anything if you connect the dots - make web apps, API's or backend services for your products. Visually building software enables everyone to make the tools or application that they can imagine. Start connecting, start making.

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Serverless Core Services for Any App

Make your essential core services effortlessly by dragging and dropping building blocks and connecting them. Our no-code platform lets you integrate core services such as user management into workflows with your email service provider and CRM platform. Deploy everything as serverless cloud functions with the click of a button. Serverless has never been easier.

Developers spend enormous amounts of time implementing core services. We help you reduce time spent implementing core services, so you can make things that bring value to your product and your business.

We enable you to solve your business problems right out of the gate, by letting you integrate our core service modules in your app. Pick what you need from our collection of ready-to-deploy modules, and start using them right away. They, as anything else we do, are serverless functions that scale with you and your needs.

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Core Services as Blocks

Drag, drop, click, cloud

What you deploy runs smoothly in the cloud within minutes. Prototype to production happens with the click of a button. You are going to implement new features into your product at a faster pace. Iterate within days and not weeks. Making and deploying API's, backends and entire workflows happens in hours and not months.

Increase productivity even more by using ready-made micro-services from our growing directory. Click and merge them into your current workspace. Start using the services right away. Making has never been easier.

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One click deployment to the cloud
Rich database for regular people

Managed Cloud Databases & Storage

Our managed cloud databases unifies structured data, files or images into one unit. We store what you need and keep it safe. Combine text, strings, and media to build meaningful and rich data for your application.

You will not spend a second worrying about whether to use SQL or NoSQL? How your database will scale with your growing user-base? You simply store what you need, and we make sure it runs and scales with your needs.

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Use integrations to build beyond the basics

Work with integrations to make complete workflows or complex tools. Connect your frontend to your backend to your mail, customer or support service provider.

You can start to build beyond the basics of your application and create complete workflows. Registration form, to database record to welcome mail is a matter of connecting the dots.

We play well with friends. Those are just a couple of them.

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Slack integration
Dropbox integration
Drift integration
Google Analytics integration
MongoDB integration
Mailchimp integration
Twilio integration
Twitter integration
Gmail integration