Make and deploy backends in minutes

Backends require the most work. Busywork reduces backend development time by 10x, eliminates DevOps, and scales automatically. We play well with React, Angular, and Vue.

Bootstrap the Backend of your App

Busywork reduces your backend development time so you can focus on your core development tasks.

Deploy most of your backend with a single click

Assemble the backend your app needs from our directory of backend workflows. Our fully-tested and robust workflows allow you to build and deploy your backend in minutes. Use our backend service and know that you'll be able to scale and serve your customers with a minimum amount of latency.

Build your frontend your way, we've got your back

React, Angular or Vue? Busywork plays well with all of them. We will be the only thing in your backend tech stack.

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue
// get data from a Busywork flow
	{body: {a: 1}})
	.then(res => res.json())
		(result) => {
			// process the result
		(error) => {
			// process the error

Micro services that work with the frameworks you use

React, Angular or Vue? Busywork plays well with all of them. No matter what your flavor is, you'll be able to integrate Busywork seamlessly with your frontend.

Busywork allows you to execute backend function using a simple AJAX call. You can execute database queries or even more complex flows from any framework.

Focus on what makes your app unique

Get your app off the ground faster, knowing that the heavy machinery is fully-managed. Focus your dev resources on the moving parts that matter to your business.

Stop worrying about


Hit the ground running

Get your product to market faster knowing that it will scale.

Built for production

Build your prototype or MVP knowing we can take it to production. You won't have any technical debt using Busywork.

Extensible Backend Services

Adapt our core services to suit your needs using no-code. Customize workflows to seamlessly fit your app.

Building by connecting boxes.

Flexible Costs And Scale

No more need to provision more server capacity to shield yourself from spikes in user activity. You will not be paying for capacity that you don't use, because we automatically scale with your needs. Just look at the cost benefits.

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We have the services you need in our toolbox 🧰

Your backend development will have a head start with our collection or core services. Seamlessly integrate features such as user authentication and management into your backend. There's no need to build everything from scratch with our BaaS solution.

See which Services you can use and Connect
Core Services as Blocks

Ship Faster with No Code

Give attention back to your users by reducing the workload of making and running backends. Build and ship backends in hours and not weeks or months using our visual development platform. Customizable building blocks allow you to go from idea to production at a faster pace than traditional methods. Build your own backend services from our directory of samples.

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One click deployment to the cloud

Click, Deploy and Forget

Delegate your backend operations to us and eliminate the need for DevOps. We take care of scaling your backend according to your user activity. Deploy your backend functions effortlessly with the click of a button. We got everything else covered.

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One click deployment to the cloud
Rich database for regular people

Managed Cloud Databases & Storage

Our managed cloud databases unifies structured data, files or images into one unit. We store what you need and keep it safe. Combine text, strings, and media to build meaningful and rich data for your application.

You will not spend a second worrying about whether to use SQL or NoSQL? How your database will scale with your growing user-base? You simply store what you need, and we make sure it runs and scales with your needs.

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Use integrations to build beyond the basics

Work with integrations to make complete workflows in the core of your app. Connect your frontend to your backend to your mail, CRM or support service provider.

Start to build beyond the basics of your application and create complete workflows. Registration form, to database record to welcome mail is a matter of connecting the dots.

We play well with friends. Those are just a couple of them.

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