If / Else

Make conditional flows in your build to achieve complex behavior. Evaluate any expression using this Block.

If / Else

If / else conditions are used for performing different actions based on different conditions. Making Builds you often want to branch out the behavior based on particular user input, the value in your test data or a database result.

How to set it up?

If / else conditions read the data from the Block that is connected to it. This allows you to evaluate any value passed on to the if/else block. You simply choose a variable, condition, and value to evaluate.

How many inputs & outputs?

Being a condition, the if-else block can be used to branch in two different directions. One for the positive outcome, that the expression evaluated matched. Alternatively, you can take the path where the expression wasn't matched.

The block accepts only a single input, which passes on data for evaluation by the block.

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