Serverless Core Services

Companies, big and small, spend a lot of time and resources developing core services for their applications. Using Busyworks pre-built blocks you can optimize your time by focusing on solving problems that add value to your product.

We have minimized the amount of busywork you have to do, so you can focus on adding value to your business. That is why we build blocks that reduce your busywork.

Deploy User Management Effortlessly

It often goes without saying, a user management system is the heart of most apps. Protecting sensitive user information is a never-ending job - and it isn't easy.

With Busywork we want you to focus on making things that add instant value, and are the core of your business. Your focus should be the broader strokes, and we take care of the details. This is why we let you extend your apps with our pre-built blocks for user management.

Letting users sign up and sign in through your app will be as easy as connecting the appropriate block in your Build. Grant or restrict access to resources in your app by authenticating users, again, with the drop of a block. Integrate your Mail service or CRM to build a complete workflow.

Get started with our User Management Services

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