What is no-code?

A no-code development platform is a visual environment that empowers anyone to create apps, backends and API's using drag and drop elements. Traditionally the same goals would be achieved by writing code. No-code assumes no prior knowledge of coding, meaning that anyone can make their ideas come true.

But are production-ready apps, backends and API's achievable, without the involvement of your technical staff? It might sound far-fetched that non-technical users can make business tools right out of the box. Everyone believes that you need the best of the best coders and a lot of resources to make applications.

But no-code is real. It is happening right now. We are using no-code to make our operations run smoother and more reliably. Using our platform you can make and deploy the business-part of your apps in a matter of minutes or hours.

What is Visual Programming?

As the name suggests, visual programming is a method for programming that makes use of visual elements to build the logic of an application. Instead of manually coding an application the application is made by connecting visual logical components in a drag and drop interface.

Using Busywork you can simply drag and drop visual elements to make your apps, backends or API's. You're not restricted in what you can do, your ideas are the limit. We've even made building blocks for things that are often built, so you don't have to start from scratch with everything that you want to build.

Use atomic operations or higher-level blocks using Busywork. You can make whatever you want regardless of your programming experience - no prior coding experience is required.

What is a Backend?

Let's start with the front, where the party is happening. Mobile app or Web app - this is where pixels are sent to your screen. It is what you see. Frontends are the canvas where designers express themselves and where user experience is the key metric.

But we are way past static content and plain HTML. Using web apps should be an experience. An experience where the user interacts with the system in a visually pleasing way, being served data seamlessly and without delay

This is all possible because of the backend. The backend is all about business. Backends often rely on more than one technology and have a whole operations aspect to them. Developers choose to do either frontend, backend and some choose both and are called full-stack developers.

Backends serve as a resource for consumption by the client using the frontend. It enables storing, reading, deleting and updating of data.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. But what is an API? The abbreviation is thrown around a lot when it comes to web development. Many people, even people working in tech, have a vague or even incorrect idea about this term means.

Many of the large service providers in email marketing, CRM and support provide access to their API's. They use it as a way to enable their customers to integrate the service into their apps directly or through third-party apps.

An example could be your website. It has a form to collect email addresses from potential clients. You want to store the client credentials, name and email for instance, with your email service provider so you can send out relevant emails to them. This can be accomplished by using an API.

Alternatively, you might be interested in making an API to serve your customers. You want to enable the customer to integrate your services in their application.

How does Busywork work?

Busywork is a visual programming interface that relies on no-code to make applications, backends or API's. Busywork Builds are parts of applications that can be executed and the entire application lives inside a Workspace.

Builds are made up of visual elements, called Blocks, that are interconnected in our drag and drop interface. The blocks and their connections are what makes up the behavior of your application, backend or API. You can connect your frontend forms to your API endpoints in Busywork, execute them to save data to a database or pass data on to one of your third-party service provider.

Everything that you build using Busywork can be used through a simple webhook. Connect your web app using simple AJAX calls and take your app to the next level.

Busywork takes care of the aspect of the whole operation of deploying an application. You simply click a button and we make sure your application is deployed to the cloud, is available for use within minutes. You don't need to worry about uptime, server loads and traffic - as long as you make we make sure it runs smoothly.

What can be made with Busywork?

There is no limit. You can build your ideas no matter how complex they are. We built Busywork to enable everyone to build software or application that has only been possible for programmers previously. Our mission is to make software development available to everyone - no coding required.

To give a few examples of what can be built

  • Internal business tools
  • User sign up, sign in and authentication
  • SaaS applications
  • Marketplace web apps
  • Employee management
  • RESTful API's

This is just a small selection of what is possible. Whatever you can think of is possible as well. If you think that something is missing from our platform that limits you in what you can do, please request a feature and we will look into it.

Who can use Busywork?

You could be a frontend developer or maybe a web designer. You have some tech-knowledge but like to focus on design and user experience. You have great ideas but making the backend of your app is what limits you. In that case, we've made backend development familiar. We've made it visual. Now you can complete your ideas.

But in fact, anyone can use Busywork.

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