Production-grade backends at prototyping pace

Backends are the engine that drives an app - and it requires the most work. Busywork can change that. Reduce backend development time and focus on your customers.

Multiple workspaces for easy organization

When you run multiple projects on Busywork things wont get messy. Create individual workspaces for each project you are working on. Don't be afraid that you will do duplicate work, everything can be shared across workspaces. Share Builds, data and credentials across your projects in any way that suits you.

Organize your projects into workspaces

Simplicity at the core

Programming is difficult. Visual coding shouldn't be. We've implemented simplicity at the core of the platform. You will have zero friction when creating new workspaces, projects and when finally deploying your Builds. You will experience no overhead before actually getting things done.

Setup new projects with a single click

Making Frontend Developers go Fullstack

Build tables and queries visually

Databases, tables, CSV-files and spreadsheets are all the same in Busywork. We let you abstract from the data source so the data doesn't become abstract. You'll be served rich data with readable labels and inline examples. Use the built-in database table explorer to manually filter and analyze your data.

Data content and type that is readable

From idea to production with a single click

After making you don't need to worry about deploying. You only need to click a button. Deploying should be as easy as building using Busywork. We've reduced time from prototype to production so your productivity can benefit.

Deploy to production with a single clickDeploy to production with a single click

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