Secure & Scalable User Management

Busywork provides the easiest way to integrate user management into your app. Integrate user management to your app with a single click through our no-code platform. Let users sign up, sign in and restrict access to pages and resources.

User Management as a Service

User management is a system for authenticating users and storing their data. In addition, processes such as user registration, authentication and password management (e.g. password recovery) are implemented as a part of the system.

User management can be tricky to get right. Being an essential core service of many apps, it needs the right amount of attention. If designed and implemented poorly it can prove a serious vulnerability to your entire system.

Fortunately, Busywork brings a bunch of building blocks to help you. Create a secure and robust user management workflow, within your application by drag and drop.

Whether you are making a SaaS application, website or mobile app our core services ensure that you have a safe and scalable user authentication system.

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Add user sign up to your app using our no-code platform. Drag and drop our pre-built blocks into your project, deploy and start using the API you've made.

We safely store sensitive user information, such as their password. Busywork is storing passwords as cryptographically strong hashes. Reversing these strong hashes is not possible. This is how we keep your users information safe.

When a user registers successfully, you can complete your entire sign up workflow and send out a welcome-email. Simply connect your email service provider to our core services. If you need to add users to your CRM system we can take care of that too.

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Sign In

Most apps need to know the identity of the user. Knowing the identity allows the app to securely store user data and deliver a personalized experience to the user.

Busywork's user management provides production-ready backend services for authentication, using username, email, phone and password.

For a user to sign into your app you need the user credentials. An example could be the users email address and password. You then pass the credentials to your Busywork web-hook. Our authentication services validate the posted credentials against our database records and return a response to you.

When the user successfully signs in you are provided with a authentication token that permits the user to access their data through your app.

Access Control

Our access control service allows you to restrict access to a service or resource. Allow only signed-in users of your system to access certain parts of your app. Isolate user-space from public space to keep vulnerable information safe. Your app will most likely separate parts that are accessible to the public and parts that are only accessible by signed in users. Restricting access requires validation of the user that is trying to access the restricted zone. Upon signing in the user receives a token that is valid for a set amount of time. Busywork issues this token and allows the user to verify his role.

Example: Only signed-in users can read in-app messages Access is restricted by putting a Authentication-block before the flow that fetches in-app messages. Our platform automatically detects if the requests contains a valid token and act accordingly.

Example: Return data conditionally if the user is signed-in You can create more complex behavior in your app by using a If/Else-block in combination with the Authentication service. This allows you to conditionally return data to the user, depending on their signed-in status.

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